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One-Year/ Semester Courses - Interior Design

Tuition fee €15,000.00 per programme


One-Year / Semester Course

This program focuses on the interior spaces of building, emphasizing the physical, psychological and social needs of people at work and leisure.

In order to create appropriate and inspiring interior environments, interior
 designers must understand their clients’ interaction within society and be
 capable of translating this understanding into designs. In practice, they
 develop projects for the whole spectrum of human activities, designing
 offices, shops, restaurants, resorts, hospitals, schools, residential interiors.
In preparation for this wide range of design opportunities, our students will
 be introduced to academic grounding in problem-solving, formal design
 skills, and pertinent historical and technical knowledge. Each level of the
 student’s education engages knowledge and skills in problem discovery
 and resolution, critical and imaginative thinking, communication, and
Students will develop a deep understanding of how human beings inhabit
 and experience spaces, and become fluent in the expression of the
 elements and principles of interior design: point, line, shape, form, color,
 light, texture, time, rhythm, balance, scale, proportion, harmony, and unity.
Interior Design is a competitive field, and your portfolio is crucial. Students
 are encouraged to present a graduation portfolio that combines different
 media: a traditional portfolio and a CD-ROM, a video or web page version.

Areas of Study:
This major encompasses different disciplines from which you can select:
-Interior Desig
-Interior Coordination
-Furniture Design
-Architectural Design

Accademia Riaci provides the following programs;

One-year course
This course offers a comprehensive and accelerated program, giving a unique opportunity to acquire a wide range of knowledge and techniques related to your field of study.
 Along with practical classes of your major subject – combined with challenging homework and assignments – our Basic Art Lessons will provide you with fundamentals of arts and design.
 Furthermore, you will broaden and enrich your artistic experience – looking beyond the borders of your specialty – through our weekly guided Art Visits and monthly Art Stages.
 Through this program, you will not only acquire a solid foundation in your study area, but also develop specific, advanced skills, immersed in a stimulating learning environment. Moreover, you will have the chance to learn basic business practices, to start up you career as young professional. Diplomas are issued to those who pass the final exam.

Course contents: ・Lessons of specialization ・Assistant interpreter during Lessons ・Independent Study ・Guided Art Visits ・Art Stages ・Basic Art Lessons (Art History, Basic Painting, Color theory, 3D Drawing)

Atelier course
The same curriculum as One-year Course, except Basic Art Lessons.

・Lessons of specialization ・Assistant Interpreter during Lessons ・Independent Study ・Guided Art Visits ・Art Stages

Programme structure

Course Schedule

One-Year Course Jan.11, 2016 – Jul.29, 2016/Dec.16, 2016 Sep.5, 2016 – Apr.28, 2017 Jan.16, 2017 – Jul.28, 2017/Dec.15, 2017 Sep.4, 2017 – Apr.27, 2018 Semester Course Jan.11, 2016 – Apr. 22, 2016 Sep.5, 2016 – Dec.16, 2016 Jan.16, 2017 – Apr. 28, 2017 Sep.4, 2017 – Dec.15, 2017 Jan.15, 2018 – Apr. 27, 2018 Sep.3, 2018 – Dec.14, 2018

Italian (with interpreter in English or Spanish)
*Please inquire for other languages.

Apply now! Fall 2018
This is a rolling intake - applications are accepted all year round.
Studies commence
Sep 2, 2018

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States