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Tuition fee €1,500.00 per programme

One Year :
Enrollment Fee €3,000 (per year)
Tuition Fee €12,000 (per year)
Total €15,000 (per year)

One Semester :
Enrollment Fee €2,000 (per sem)
Tuition Fee €6,700 (per sem)
Total €8,700 (per sem)


The International Apprenticeship Program provides students with one years working in Artist/Professional studio or Atelier in Florence, Italy.
Since long time, Artists, Craftsman and Artisans have lived in Florence, Italy and have made their original work in specific and traditional Italian organization.
They have worked to keep their skills and knowledge and pass on them from the master to the followers. Apprentices work in small groups with other participants and teams of professionals to gain hands-on experience in real world environments. This program opens for no prior knowledge and experience. Students may combine labor and academic studies to achieve their individual educational and career objectives.
The program has as its mission the education of student apprentices in the practice of studio production.
The department provides international’s Fresco Painting, Painting, Drawing, Restoration of Paintings, Jewelry, Paper Art, Restoration of Furniture, Furniture Making and Woodcarving.
Prospective apprentices should enroll as new students and then contact to Apprenticeship Program to determine apprenticeship vacancies.

Programme structure

One-Year Course Jan.11, 2016 – Jul.29, 2016/Dec.16, 2016 Sep.5, 2016 – Apr.28, 2017 Jan.16, 2017 – Jul.28, 2017/Dec.15, 2017 Sep.4, 2017 – Apr.27, 2018 Semester Course Sep.5, 2016 – Dec.16, 2016 Sep.4, 2017 – Dec.15, 2017 Jan.15, 2018 – Apr. 27, 2018

Italian only

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This is a rolling intake - applications are accepted all year round.